Collaboration for Change

Collaboration for Change: Partnering with Yogi Tea

We have been working with Mercy Corps for over 10 years to improve the quality of life of communities in our supply chain.

Since 2019, we have focused our work on improving livelihoods in the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala.

We source all of our cardamom from Guatemala, where the majority of the world's cardamom is grown.

Since their local economy is heavily reliant on cardamom cultivation, it’s essential for the farmers to adapt and learn ways to profit from their harvests.

In the next stage of our programme, we’re very excited for YOGI TEA to join our project in supporting even more cardamom farmers and their families. Working together with others in the tea sector means a greater, positive impact can be made.

"We are delighted that our project in Guatemala with Mercy Corps is being expanded through sector collaboration. We are now expending the project by 50% by 2024 while at the same time supplementing the approach with training on food security, child’s right and living standards, for a truly holistic intervention. "

Celine Gilart,
Head of Social Impact and Sustainability, Twinings.

Impact so far

  • 500 families have already been trained in agroforestry systemsreforestation and improved drying techniques, so they can earn a better income while farming in harmony with nature.
  • 251 women reported an increase of their income
  • 2160 people reached by Covid support

Earlier this year, Social Impact Manager for Latin America, Hernan Zunino visited Alta Verapaz to see the project work first-hand.

"It is truly gratifying to witness the positive impact that can be achieved when working directly with one of the most vulnerable links of the chain, the smallholders."

"This collaboration has been tailored to the specific needs of the Cardamom supply chain, with a deep understanding of the levers that can bring the cardamom activity and the people behind them, closer to its massive potential. "

Hernan Zunino,
Social Impact Manager for Latin America, Twinings.

Industry collaboration like this will help to reach even more community members in Alta Verapaz, creating a much bigger positive impact for cardamom growers.