Meet Florence

"Many women are happy and appreciate the wonders that the stove does in saving the trees that are cut every time for firewood and reducing the smoke in their houses. Florence, tea farmer, Malawi.  

Twinings is promoting clay clean cook stoves in tea communities in Assam and Malawi and training local potters to produce them.  

Promoting clean cooking facilities

Twinings is working with partners to train local potters to produce and market clay clean-cook stoves at an affordable price and is raising awareness within tea communities about the benefits of these stoves. To date, our partnerships in Assam and Malawi has helped 21,683 people in over 4,300 households. 

Meet Florence

Many tea workers and farmers, like Florence a smallholder tea farmer and mother of 3 in rural Malawi, use traditional cooking on open fires, which cause lot of indoor smoke.

“Before, I had to remain in the kitchen throughout the cooking period to ensure there was enough wood to keep the fire burning, but it irritated my eyes and made me cough.” 

Clean-cook stoves burn less wood, emit less smoke, and reduce the cost and the time required, often by women, to collect firewood. These stoves also help protect the environment and reduce health risks by producing clean, affordable energy – a key priority for providing decent housing.  

Florence has joined a group making the new clean-cook stoves and has become an ambassador for change by promoting the stoves to her peers, earning her additional income. 

"The food is tastier, too, and doesn’t smell of smoke. We now enjoy cooking for our families!" 

Twinings is also exploring opportunities to promote clean-cook stoves based on local requirements, cooking habits and affordability in both Kenya and China. 

Meet Florence