Meet Ergai

Mother of one and tea farmer, Ergai, 26 years old, lives in Yunnan, a rural tea growing area of Western China. In this remote and mountainous province, access to healthcare services is often limited and many children die before their fifth birthday.

For the last 10 years, Twinings has been focussing on reducing the mortality rate of infants and supporting their parents.

Supporting Child Health in Yunnan, China

Yunnan province in Western China, is an important sourcing location for Twinings tea. It is also a very remote, rural region with a high child mortality rate and lack of access to basic health services. That’s why Twinings has been working with Save the Children for over a decade on enhancing children’s health and significantly reducing mortality rates in the region. 

Ergai is part of Twinings’ Child Health project. She participated in health awareness sessions conducted at the community health centre  where she has learnt to prepare nutritious food.

Meet Ergai
Meet Ergai


Thanks to the training of village healthcare providers, improvement of facilities, and community awareness on breastfeeding, hygiene, and nutrition, more than 7,000 children have been directly impacted and over 14,000 caregivers, like Ergai, supported with better knowledge.  

Ergai now feels that she has a better understanding of how to take good care of her little girl. 

We now aim to reach an additional 5,000 children and support 15,000 caregivers, pregnant women, mothers and community members, so no children under 2 suffers from malnutrition. Indeed, in the region, only 2% of mothers are engaged in exclusive breastfeeding until their baby is 6 months of age, and 24% of children under 2 are underweight.

Our current initiative focuses on promoting and supporting breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices, in order to prevent infant deaths and to also give children the best start in life.  

In addition, the project also engage with government to strengthen health systems in order to amplify our impact, from sharing learnings and promoting the model with the Minister of Health in Beijing, to strengthening the implementation of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in the region.  

We believe that children deserve the best possible start in life and are committed to making this possible in the communities from which we source in Yunnan. 

Meet Ergai

“Save the Children and Twinings have been in partnership for 13 years. In that time, we have helped transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children in China. We are delighted to now be exploring new and ambitious ways that our partnership can achieve even greater impact and transformational change, by building sustainable tea communities in China where children and young people can thrive.”

Mairead King, Head of Account Management, Save the Children